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Top things to do in ibiza

Top things to do in ibiza

The best things to do in ibiza

After over 15 years of making friends with some of the most influential and famous people in the world thanks to teaching them watersports onboard their yachts during the summer months on Ibiza and Formentera we have had the chance to visit practically everywhere Ibiza and Formentera have to offer. Following are the top 3 places & things to do for the following:

  1. Breakfast
  2. Daytime activities
  3. Beaches
  4. Restaurants
  5. Dinner with show
  6. Night clubs

(1) The best top 3 places for Breakfast in Ibiza

Cappuccino ibiza

Cappuccino Ibiza is the most amazing breakfast in Ibiza. It is located inside Marina Ibiza, right next to Lio ibiza. Breakfast is on the terrace right infant of the water and with the most spectacular views to the old town of Ibiza. Their kitchen doesn’t close so you can eat at any time. They serve a full breakfast menu from healthy options such as Muesli with yoghurt & fresh fruits to a full english breakfast. Prices are expensive but well worth the quality and the view!


Passion café has varios restaurants around the island of Ibiza. We recommend the one infront of the main entrance of Marina Ibiza. You will find a huge selection of healthy breakfasts & fresh juices.


Sa Calma is also located next to Lio ibiza, inside the port of Marina Ibiza. Beautiful front line view of Marina Ibiza and a wide range of breakfast options. We recommend the melted cheese toast!

(2) The best top 3 Daytime activities in Ibiza

(1) YACHT WATERSPORTS EXPERIENCE – Ibizas numer 1 daytime activity

Yacht Watersports ibiza
Yacht Watersports experience

After 30 years experience at a professional level in waterskiing, wakeboard & Flyboard and having given Flyboard, Waterski, Wakeboard, HoverBoard, Jetski and Jetpack lessons to some of the most influential business & famous people of the world, the owners of this company came up with a unique concept called “Yacht Watersports experience” where unique VIP all included trips are made onboard luxury designer yachts and customers get to experience the most amazing watersports activities in the world such as Seabobs, Jetskis, Flyboard, eFoils & more.. at an amazingly low price! Definitely a unique must do experience for anyone to make if they are visiting Ibiza.


There are many companies that offer trips to Formentera. Depending on your budget you can charter a yacht or buy a ticket onboard one of the Catamarans that go to the most famous beaches of Formentera such as Es Palmador or Illetas.


A jeep excursion is one of the most original ways to discover the island of Ibiza by land. Only with one of these excursions you will be able to discover some of the magical spots the island has to offer which normally are very hard to find.

(3) The best top 3 beaches in Ibiza


Salinas beach is a beautiful beach located on the south east side of the island, it is inside a nature reserve and accessing can be a little complicated in the summer. Here you will find many beach clubs such as Malibu, Beso & Guaraná where you can have lunch and chill out on one of the bali beds they rent out.


Located on the north west of the island, Cala Compte is a beautiful bay with cristal clear blue waters. You will find a couple of restaurants and beach bars here. Access is by car, bus or taxi. If you drive there by yourself it will be very difficult to park the car during the summer months.


Located on the north side of the island, Portinatx bay is one of the less touristic bays. Not so many tourists visit this bay as the others as it is quite a lot further away from Ibiza than other bays.

(4) The best top 3 real local restaurants in Ibiza


Typical Ibiza family owned restaurant

This restaurant is owned by a typical Ibiza family, it is located in the middle ion the island near the town of San Lorenzo. 

The restaurant is basically a typical Ibiza terrace surrounded by plants and trees. 

The food they offer is grilled meats & salad. There is no menu, customers are told by the waiter what food is available on the night!  

Prince of Saudi Arabia at Balafia restaurant

Although this is not a luxury restaurant we went together with one of the crown princes of Saudi Arabia in 2011 and it instantly became his favourite restaurant in Ibiza! 

Grilled meats

Although there is not a wide selection of food to choose from I can guarantee that the food you will have here will amaze you! 

The menu offers grilled chicken, grilled lamb chops, sirloin & entreat steak. 

All of these are home grown and when you taste them you will ask yourself what you are being given when you eat these elsewhere

Food is served with french fries, the most amazing crispy french fries you will taste in your life!


When you sit down they bring typical Ibiza bread and the strongest home made allioli you will ever try!

For starters they have a tomato salad with the most amazing home grown tomatoes you will ever try. When you eat them you will ask yourself what you are eating when you eat tomatoes somewhere else..


There are 2 home made desserts which are a must try, they are called Flan de chocolate and Graixonera. Don’t take any notice of what information you find if you search for these online, the ones they will serve you at Balafia are completely different!


Typical Ibiza family owned restaurant

This restaurant is owned by a typical Ibiza family, it is located just next to the town of San Lorenzo. 

A typical ibicencan stone house made into a restaurant with an exterior terrace and a huge marquee tent for weddings and events.

The family that owns this restaurant used to own the famous Yemanja restaurant until they sold it to the owner of Blue Marlin beach club in 2013.

Food at Es Jardins restaurant

You will find a wide range of food, from local fish to meats, Paellas & grilled meats. All the food here is amazing!


Typical Ibiza family owned restaurant

Owned by 2 locally known families from Ibiza, this restaurant is located inside the port of Marina Ibiza, right next to the famous Lio restaurant/ club.

They opened 10 years ago when the port of Ibiza nueva was reformed into Marina Ibiza. 

Sa Calma offers the most spectacular view of Ibiza old town, front line on the waters edge. 

If you have dinner here in the evening you will have a parade of some of the most amazing yachts and super yachts in the world which are coming back to port generally after spending the day at the island of Formentera.

The food offered is a mix between typical Ibiza & mediterranean food. Fresh fish is one of the  most popular options.

(5) The best top 3 dinner show restaurants in Ibiza


Lio Ibiza is the top restaurant in Ibiza which combines a spectacular show during the dinner with the most amazing views of old town Ibiza & the super Yachts that are spending the night inside Marina Ibiza. After midnight Lio changes to one of the most popular & glamorous cubs in Ibiza.


Heart is located right next to the Casino Ibiza, on the main promenade in front of the port. The owners are 2 business partners are Ferran Adriá (one of the most important cooks in the world) and Guy Laliberté, owner of the famous Cirq du Soleil. Together they have achieved this unique concept with dining & show.


Owned by the same owners as the famous Amnesia night club, this is a restaurant set into the woods on the south side of the island between Ibiza and San Jose. They offer dinner with shows & live music. Under the restaurant they have a spectacular cave and make the most amazing full moon party on the island.

(6) The best top 3 clubs in Ibiza


Opened in 2011 and is voted one of the best clubs in the world. Ushuaïa ibiza is a daytime club set into a hotel. During the summer months they receive the most important DJ’s in the world such as David Guetta, Martin Garrix & more. Ushuaïa ibiza is located on the south of the island in the Playa den Bossa area.

2. HÏ

Opened in 2017 this night club is across the street from Ushuaïa Ibiza. It is the old location of the famous Space Ibiza club. Hï ibiza is owned by the same owners as Ushuaïa ibiza. This used to be the famous Space Ibiza club but after their contract finished Ushuaïa decided they would make a club of their own. Hï Ibiza is famous for having DJ’s in the toilets!


Dating back to the 60’s, this was the first night club on Ibiza and the first Pacha in the world. Located in the area of the main port of Ibiza close to Lio ibiza & Heart Ibiza. Pacha is most famous for its Flower Power party with music from the 60’s and 70’s.

Jetski Santa Eulalia

Jetski experts

In 2019, the company Yacht Watersports Ibiza set up its headquarters for their Yacht Watersports experience which includes Jetski trips around the Santa Eulalia area.

Jetski Santa Eulalia
Jetski in Santa Eulalia with Yacht Watersports experience

Jetski, boat trip & Watersports

Thanks to the unique concept of designer yacht & watersports, customers can enjoy not only jet skiing but also a boat trip onboard a designer yacht with many other fun watersports for only 159€!

Sea-Doo Jetskis

The Jetskis we use are the latest Sea-Doo 300HP jetskis with onboard music. Thanks to customers riding together with our qualified instructors, these can be used without the need of a jetski license

Our Jet skis are always the latest model on the market, we don’t use old jetskis like other companies. With Yacht Watersports you can be sure to be using only the best equipment.

Our jetskis have IBR systems, which are an Intelligent Braking System. With the right trigger you control the throttle and with the left one you have a brake! Yes the Jetski magically stops when pressing the left brake lever.

Click here for more information on Yacht Watersports experience · · +34 610 115 516

eFoil ibiza – The Flying electric surf board

The e-foil or as people commonly refer to as foils or foiling is probably one of the most impressive watersports to hit the market since the FlyBoard was invented by Franky Zapata in 2012. eFoil Ibiza available at Yacht Watersports store.

Lift eFoils

E-Foils where first introduced on the market by Lift foils, a company from Puerto Rico who has manufactured standard foils (without motor) for surf boards for years.

Efoil - The flying electric surf board towing a standard foil
Efoil – The flying electric surf board towing a standard foil

In 2017 Lift foils decided to add an electric motor and a Lithium battery to a surf board with a foil and the E-Foil was born.

Easy to learn

E-Foiling is an easy sport to learn, users with some kind of background riding boards such as surf, snowboard, wakeboard, paddlesurf, etc.. will normally be up and efoiling in less than 10 minutes. Users with no watersports o board experience will probably take up to 1 hour to control the board.

How is it controlled?

The Lift e-foil is controlled by a wireless hand held remote control which the user uses to give more or less power. The control of the board is made by shifting your body weight.

How does eFoil it turn?

If you put weight on toes or heels you will turn left & right, to make the efoil board fly out of the water the user must put a little weight on the back of the board and the efoil board magically elevates into the air, giving the user an amazing feeling, probably the closest feeling to flying you will ever have!

If you put your weight on the front of the board the efoil gently comes down and touches the water.

How long does the battery last?

With one charge you can expect a run time of approximately 1-2 hours depending on your body weight and style of riding. You can purchase an extra battery which charges in just 2 hours so that you can keep foiling all day!

It takes just 2 minutes to change the battery. Maintenance is practically zero and we can assure you that the fun you will have on a Lift e-foil is difficult to beat with any other kind of watersport.

Where can I buy eFoil?

You can buy ibiza efoil at our specialized Yacht Watersports store, the only specialized luxury watersports shop in Ibiza, with permanent stock and immediate delivery of all the top watersports toys on the market.

Try your efoil and any other water toys in our shop before you buy.

Other toys at Yacht Watersports store

Some of the water toys for yachts we have to buy in our store are underwater scooters with which you will enjoy discovering the underwater world the beautiful waters of Ibiza & Formentera have to offer, water scooters & underwater scooters available for everyone, with different specifications & pricing.

Seabob in Ibiza

Seabob is the first high end water scooter to hit the market, our company was the first to sell Seabob in Ibiza and was at one time one of the largest distributors in the world. At present we sell the new Amazea Seajets, a new high end underwater scooter made by german engineers which has 2 jet engines and things like interchangeable battery for unlimited hours of use, GPS and more. We also stock efoil in Ibiza.


Come and visit our luxury watersports store in the Port of Santa Eulalia, just 10 minutes by car or boat from the city of Ibiza. We have private parking for cars & customer boats infant of our shop.

Jetski ibiza

Ibiza Jetski – The most popular watersport on the island!

Jetski in Ibiza is one of the watersports people are searching for when going on holiday to Ibiza. Jetskiing is a fun watersport which allows anyone to be enjoying in just a few minutes.

In Spain a license is required to operate a Jetski but with the Yacht Watersports experiences we offer everyone can go on a high end and high power jetski as users go onboard the jetski with a professional instructor.

Full power Jetski in ibiza
Our fast 300HP Jetskis with onboard music system

The Jetskis we use are the high end 300HP Sea-Doo Jetskis with onboard music system and always the latest model, so no old fashioned jetskis with us!

We are located in the beautiful port of Marina Santa Eulalia, 10 minutes from Ibiza town. Our top product is the Yacht Watersports experience, which for only 159€ you can enjoy Jetski, Seabob or Amazea underwater jets, water bikes, giant Paddlesurf, luxury designer yacht, return pickup and much more! Check our our experience:

Yacht Watersports store – The luxury yacht toys shop in Ibiza

If you are a yacht owner, captain or first mate and you are looking to rent or purchase any kind of luxury yacht toys in Ibiza, you found the right place!

Yacht Watersports store is the number 1 stop for any yacht owner or customer that has chartered a boat or yacht and is looking for any kind of watersports yacht toy to have onboard.

Our company has more that 15 years experience in luxury watersports sales and rentals.

Our watersports shop is located in a prime location inside the Marina of Santa Eulalia, just 10 minutes from Ibiza town by car or boat. Our watersports store ibiza has private tender and car parking just 40 meters from our store!

We permanently stock all the most popular watersports toys and accessories available on the market.

Some of the most popular products we have in stock for immediate delivery are Seabob ibiza seascooters, the new underwater scooters – Amazea seajets, the popular flying electric surf boards Lift efoils, schiller waterbikes, the largest range of inflatable tubes/ towables in the Balearic islands, top of the range designer life vests, wet suits as well as paddle surfs, wakeboards, waterskis, inflatable floating yacht docks, inflatable and rigid wakesurf boards & much more!

Make a visit to our store an experience in itself! Arrive with your tender and dock in front of our store, have a glass of champagne whilst you are shopping in our store!

Have lunch in one of the many restaurants the beautiful Marina of Santa Eulalia has to offer, go out on one of our luxury tenders and try any of the products we sell in our ibiza watersports shop having a dedicated professional team of instructors and sailors attending you!

Our luxury Watersports toys shop is located in the marina of Santa Eulalia, shop number 5, right infront of dock F, Ibiza.

Voted the number 1 activity on Ibiza in 2019!

The Yacht Watersports experience

In its first season, the new experience we have created in Ibiza to enjoy the best watersports activities onboard a beautiful designer yacht has been a complete success! We are very proud to have achieved that in only one season the main hotels in Ibiza recommend Yacht Watersports experience to their customers as an activity that they can’t leave Ibiza without experiencing!

Our new concept includes pickup of customers practically anywhere on the island with a VIP transfer and a trip onboard a modern luxury De Antonio Yacht with 2 hours of all the most popular watersports of the moment all included. Some of the activities included are jetski, flyboard, seabob, amazea seajets, schiller waterbikes, paddlesurf, giant paddle surfs & much more.

Also customers enjoy the beautiful yacht and they can sun bathe and swim in the beautiful cristal clear water of ibiza. Customers enjoy both in families as well as groups of friends.

Using our infrastructure we have also made many corporate events, team building, stag parties, events and more..

For 2020 we will have new activities such as the flying e-foil surf boards and activity options with sunset & Champagne.

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