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Puerto deportivo marina santa Eulalia, zona 4 local 5
07840 Santa Eulalia del rio – Ibiza – Baleares

In front of the CBBC Marina Santa Eulalia beach club

Activities bookings: – Tel: +34 610 115 516
Store: – Tel. +34 971 100 855
Marketing: – Tel. +34 646 139 249
General info & admin:– Tel. +34 971 100 855


FAQ – Frequently asked questions


Inside the Marina Santa Eulalia port, directly infront of the CBBC Santa Eulalia beach club.

2. Can I drive the SEA-DOO Jetski by myself?

Yes, our Jetski excursions are made by a licensed instructor, and we can make trips of up to 4 Jetskis without customers needing to be in posession of any kind of nautical license.  

3. Is it hard or dangerous to Flyboard?

No, it is actually very easy! The secret to making flyboard successfully is to have the best possible instructor teaching you. We have the best and most experienced instructors that get por twice as much as other Flyboard instructors, but they are worth it! They successfully make 99% of our customers fly and enjoy in less than 5 minutes! They will make you enjoy like crazy!

4. What do I need to take with me?

You will only need to take your swimming trunks, towel & sun cream.


5. Is there Wi-Fi available for customers?

¡Yes! The Marina of Santa Eulalia has free Wifi available throughout all the port.


6. Is there a food and drink service available?

Yesi, our customers can enjoy a top food and drink service as well as bali bed service provided by the CBBC Santa Eulalia beach club. 

7. Are there changing rooms available?

Yes, all our customers can use our modern changing rooms with hot showers which are located just 25 meters from where we make our activities.

8. Do I need to be a good swimmer to make the activities?

No, we have the best instructors on our team and will make you enjoy what will probably be one of the most amazing days in your life even if you don’t know how to swim!


Yes, we are the only watersports company on the island of Ibiza that has a designer chill out area and changing rooms for customers. Also, being directly infront of the CBBC Santa Eulalia beach club, our customers can enjoy great quality food and drink as well as bali beds just 10 meters away from where we make our activities.  


The port offers private parking, so you will be able to park right outside the door of our store and of our watersports activities area. 

11. Is there anywhere to store my valuables?

Yes, they can be stored at our office which is located inside the Santa Eulalia marina (Store Nº 5, infront of dock F).


12. Is it easy to use the FlyRide?

Yes, the Flyride has 2 gyroscopes which constantly stabilize it and allow users to fly immediately!


13. Why do you use Sea-Doo Jetskis?

Based on our experience, SEA-DOO jetskis are the most technologically advanced brand of Jetskis. Our Jetskis have the new S3 hull, the one that rides best on the market. Also SEA-DOO is the only brand that has comfortable access to the storage area of the jetski where customers can easily store and access their personal belongings without them getting wet! So you have an idea there is enough space to store more than 4 normal size backpacks.

14. Can I drive the Seabreacher Jet?

To drive the Seabreacher Jet yourself its necessary to have a boat license. On our 20 minute experiences, the Seabreacher is piloted by a professional captain and the customer sits in the back seat. For customers with boat license we offer a 3 session piloting course.

15. Which watersports are available for rental?

At our watersports center located directly infront of the CBBC Santa Eulalia customers can make the following activities:

> Jetski excursions (no license needed)

> Hourly and full day jetski rental (license needed)

> Seabreacher Jet (Underwater dolphin!)

> eFoils (Flying surf boards!)

> FlyBoard

> HoverBoard

> FlyRide

> Schiller Waterbikes

> Paddlesurf

> Giant Paddlesurf 

> Scubajet underwater scooters (Full day rental)

> Towables

16. Are there any Jelly fish?

99% of the time there are no Jelly fish, in any case one of our instructors checks the complete bay where we make out activities every morning to check and make sure there arent any.

17. Can I book a lunch or beds at CBBC beach club with Yacht Watersports?

Sí, of course! We have preference and will be more than happy to book you in for Lunch, beds, etc.. 

18. Are you the famous company that has made watersports with all the famous people that go to Ibiza?

Yes, that’s us! Some of the famous customers that trust our services year after year are: Leo Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Cesc Fabregas, Serguéi Brin (Google founder), Tom Cruise, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Justin Bieber, wladimir klitschko, Nicole Scherzinger, Kygo & many more..

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