Discovering Dolphins with our Exclusive Jetski Tours in Santa Eulalia del Río, Ibiza!

The Dolphins of Santa Eulalia: A Natural Marvel

Embark on a journey like no other as you rev up your jetski and explore the crystalline waters surrounding Santa Eulalia del Río. Our unique tours offer more than just an adrenaline rush – they provide an opportunity to witness the playful dance of dolphins in their natural habitat. Picture yourself cruising alongside these majestic creatures, a memory etched forever in your Ibiza adventure.

The Stats Speak Volumes: Dolphins on 70% of Our Tours

What sets our jetski tours apart is the high likelihood of encountering dolphins during your excursion. Based on our records, these charismatic marine beings grace us with their presence on approximately 70% of our tours. Imagine the thrill as you catch a glimpse of them leaping and frolicking in the waves – an experience that goes beyond your typical jetski adventure.

Seasonal Splendor: May 1st to September 30th

Planning your Ibiza getaway? Our jetski tours are available from May 1st to September 30th, ensuring you make the most of the sun-soaked months on this enchanting island. Whether you’re a solo adventurer, a couple seeking a romantic escapade, or a group of friends hungry for excitement, our tours cater to all.

Unmatched Professionalism and Infrastructure

We take pride in being the only jetski company on the island with a professional setup and infrastructure. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. Our well-maintained jetskis, experienced guides, and adherence to the highest safety standards set us apart, ensuring you have a thrilling yet secure experience on the water.

How to Book Your Unforgettable Experience

Ready to embark on a jetski adventure like no other? Booking your tour is easy – simply visit our website or give us a call. Our dedicated team is here to assist you, answering any questions you may have and ensuring your journey with us is seamless from start to finish.

Don’t miss the chance to ride the waves and witness the enchanting dolphins of Santa Eulalia del Río. Book your jetski tour today and dive into the extraordinary world waiting to be explored along the mesmerizing coast of Ibiza!

Jet Ski Tours in ibiza

The only Jet Ski company with direct access floating docks

Compare before you book!

If you are thinking of booking a Jet Ski on your next holiday in Ibiza, we recommend you check carefully all details of what you are booking. 100% of the clients we receive during the summer all say the same thing when they have experienced the service we provide.. “What a big difference it was to go Jetskiing with you guys than any of the other companies we have been with on our previous holidays..”

Jet-skiing done right

Clients enjoying one of our Jetski tours

At Yacht Watersports Ibiza we have achieved a system for Jet-Skiing which makes a big difference to the overall client experience. Making a Jet-Ski tour with us or with any other Jetski company is like comparing a 2 star hotel with a 5 star, and surprisingly our prices are lower than anyone elses!

Thanks to the system we have implemented, we are much more efficient and can offer a service like no other at a lower price! We have our own Jet-Ski workshop, new Jetskis every season, qualified instructors that work with us all year round, etc..

Foto of our Jet Ski workshop where all our Jetskis are serviced weekly

GPS system

We are the only Jetski on the island to implement a GPS tracking system that ensures 100% clients safety. Jet-skis are not able to go closer than 40 meters to each other.. If they do, the speed reduces to 3 Kn. Clients will also be slowed down if they get too close to land or any islands or rocks.

Our location

At our location, clients will enjoy private parking, a dedicated area inside the CBBC Marina Santa Eulalia beach club with direct access,. Clients are greeted by one of our hostesses and taken to our front line ocean view terrace seating area where clients have lockers to store belongings, dressing rooms with hot showers, food & drink service by the CBBC Marina Santa Eulalia beach club, waterfront rain shower, etc..

Jet Ski center access

View of our Jetski center floating docks & terrace

Our Jet-skis are on a convenient floating platform in front of our seating area and directly on the entrance of the port, so clients go out and come back from tours safely and without losing time. Other companies take clients out on a Dinghy and have to board Jetskis dangerously in the middle of the ocean with moving waves, boats, etc.. and have no facilities for clients..

Dolphin Jet ski Tours

Dolphins during one of our Dolphin Jet-Ski Tours

Since we spotted Dolphins in 2020 at a bay only accesible by sea, Dolphins recognize the sound of our Jet-Skis and come to meet us During our 9am Tours. This is a once in a lifetime experience!

New Jet-Ski workshop for our tours & excursions

The most advanced workshop

We have been working hard all winter building our new Jet-Ski workshop, located at the shipyard of Marina Santa Eulalia, directly in front of the 5 star Aguas de ibiza hotel. Thanks to our new workshop we are now able to double our Jet-Ski fleet for 2022 and provide our popular jetski excursions & Tours to even more clients!

Beta Tools at Yacht Watersports ibiza

Our new 5 star Jet-Ski workshop is fully equipped with the very best tools on the market by Beta Tools. Beta is used by most MotoGP teams and at the Ferrari Factory!

Jetski Tours in Ibiza with dolphins & instagram..

Jetski Tours and Safaris searching for Dolphins and making photos for instagram

Dolphin Jetski Safari

The Dolphin Jetski Tour and Safari has been the most popular excursion of 2021. Clients enjoyed a 2 hour Tour in the morning when the ocean is at its calmest searching for Dolphins in some of the most beautiful bays and coves of the island of Ibiza. Along the way, clients make small stops at these beautiful bays to take photos and videos as well as having s brief snorkel to discover the beautiful underwater world!

New Instagram Jetski Tour for 2022

For 2022, Yacht Watersports ibiza is offering a spectacular new Jetski Excursion. For clients who are interested in having the most beautiful photos and video, this special Tour will satisfy all their needs!

The main focus of the Tour is having photos and videos taken in beautiful bays with the perfect sunlight, beautiful blue water and great poses on the Jetski! The Tour includes photos and videos taken by the instructor as well as an onboard GoPro which will be recording throughout the Tour.

Timeflex gift cards

The TimeFlex gift card – Yacht Watersports ibiza

Also news for 2022, Yacht Watersports ibiza is offering TimeFlex gift cards, the perfect gift for clients that still don’t know the exact date they will be traveling to Ibiza!

The new Jetski center of ibiza

Jetski & Watersports area opening 27th March 2021

Jetski center ibiza
Setup will be similar to the one shown on this image; Watersports & activities will be on floating platforms directly in front of the CBBC Santa Eulalia beach club, inside the Marina.

A new concept in leisure arriving to Ibiza

Due to Covid-19, leisure in Ibiza is changing. In the short 2020 season practically all the tourism of the island was daytime related and boat & yacht rental businesses experienced a huge demand from customers wanting to enjoy a day out on the sea with family and friends.

The Nº 1 daytime activity in Ibiza in 2019

In 2019, Yacht Watersports experience ibiza became the number 1 daytime activity, customers experienced an all included 2,5 hour trip onboard a modern designer De Antonio Yacht with all the most popular yacht watersports included such as Jetski, Seabob, Waterbike, Scubajets & more.. In 2020 and due to Covid-19 it was not possible to mix different customers onboard a yacht and make the experiences.

Jetski & activities area ibiza – New for 2021

For 2021, Yacht Watersports ibiza has created a new Jetski & Watersports activities center located inside the port of Santa Eulalia and directly in front of the famous CBBC Santa Eulalia beach club. Customers can enjoy the most popular Watersports of the moment at the only five star Watersports location in Ibiza and with strict anti Covid-19 measures to ensure guests peace of mind.

Jetski & Watersports no license needed

Our unique setup allows us to make Jetski excursions with guests who don’t have a Jetski license driving their own Jet-ski. Our trips are in reduced groups of 4 Jetskis (Up to 8 customers) and with the top of the range SEA-DOO 2021 Jetskis.

Water Sports & activities

Seabreacher Hydromonsters Shark Ride – One of the new experiences for 2021

The Watersports & activities guests can enjoy at our Jetski & Watersports center are:

SEA-DOO Jetski excursions (No license needed)
SEA-DOO Jetski hourly rental (For guests with license)
SEA-DOO full day Jetski rental (For guests with license)
Schiller Waterbikes
Paddlesurf (SUP)
Giant Paddlesurfs
Seabreacher Jet Hydromonsters Shark Ride
Electric Scooters
Nitro 3 Towable

Five star facilities at the CBBC Santa Eulalia beach club

Whilst guests enjoy Jetskis & Watersports, friends & family can also enjoy the sea view designer chill out terrace, Bali beds, Mediterranean food, Drinks, Cocktails, DJ, Changing rooms, private car & tender parking & more..

Yacht Watersports store

The must visit if you are in Ibiza and are a watersports enthusiast!

Yacht Watersports ibiza has relocated and opened new offices and the new Yacht Watersports store inside the Port of Santa Eulalia.

Yacht Watersports store

With stock of the most popular watersports toys on the market it is a must visit for any watersports enthusiast! Unique new “Try before you buy” concept! A professional team of world ranked athletes is on hand to help customers.

Onsite private parking for vehicles and customer tenders as well as changing rooms, showers and a wide range of other shops, bars and restaurantes inside the beautiful marina of Santa Eulalia.

Water sports day rentals

At our store you will find a wide selection of top watersports toys for full day rental such as Seabob, Scubajet, Flyboard, eFoils, Schiller SC-1 Water Bikes, electric surf boards & more.. Also available to book online at with free delivery to most locations of the island of Ibiza for most products.

Watersports experiences

Half & full day Yacht Watersports experiences available throughout the summer, adapted to the new Cover-19 regulations. On our experiences we take customers out on different kinds of boats for experiences with all the top watersports toys. Bookings online at

Watersports events

We offer many different options for watersports events, incentives, birthdays, stag dues, etc.. using our boats & watersports activities.

Water Shows

Exclusive water shows made by the best performers with FlyBoard using different elements such as Fireworks on the FlyBoard, LED lights, LED suits, LED butterfly wings, Saxophonist on Flyboard & more..

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