Jetski Santa Eulalia

Jetski experts in Ibiza

In 2019, the company Yacht Watersports Ibiza set up its headquarters for their Yacht Watersports experience and Jetski trips & excursions around the Santa Eulalia area as well as all the top watersports activities.


Jetski center in Santa Eulalia Ibiza

Jetski center in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

Thanks to our infrastructure and facilities, we provide the best service and customer attention when it comes to jet skis in Ibiza. We have a Jet Ski center with floating platforms inside the CBBC Beach Club Marina Santa Eulalia, offering services for customers such as changing rooms with hot showers, a chill-out area, a saltwater pool, a waterside rain shower, food and beverage service, private parking, etc.

Sea-Doo Jetskis

The Jetskis we use are the latest Sea-Doo 130HP jetskis with onboard music. Thanks to customers riding together with our qualified instructors, these can be used without the need of a jetski license

Our Jet skis are always the latest model on the market, we don’t use old jetskis like other companies. With Yacht Watersports you can be sure to be using only the best equipment.

Our jetskis have IBR systems, which are an Intelligent Braking System. With the right trigger you control the throttle and with the left one you have a brake! Yes the Jetski magically stops when pressing the left brake lever.

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eFoil ibiza – The Flying electric surf board

The e-foil or as people commonly refer to as foils or foiling is probably one of the most impressive watersports to hit the market since the FlyBoard was invented by Franky Zapata in 2012. eFoil Ibiza available at Yacht Watersports store.

Lift eFoils

E-Foils where first introduced on the market by Lift foils, a company from Puerto Rico who has manufactured standard foils (without motor) for surf boards for years.

Efoil - The flying electric surf board towing a standard foil
Efoil – The flying electric surf board towing a standard foil

In 2017 Lift foils decided to add an electric motor and a Lithium battery to a surf board with a foil and the E-Foil was born.

Easy to learn

E-Foiling is an easy sport to learn, users with some kind of background riding boards such as surf, snowboard, wakeboard, paddlesurf, etc.. will normally be up and efoiling in less than 10 minutes. Users with no watersports o board experience will probably take up to 1 hour to control the board.

How is it controlled?

The Lift e-foil is controlled by a wireless hand held remote control which the user uses to give more or less power. The control of the board is made by shifting your body weight.

How does eFoil it turn?

If you put weight on toes or heels you will turn left & right, to make the efoil board fly out of the water the user must put a little weight on the back of the board and the efoil board magically elevates into the air, giving the user an amazing feeling, probably the closest feeling to flying you will ever have!

If you put your weight on the front of the board the efoil gently comes down and touches the water.

How long does the battery last?

With one charge you can expect a run time of approximately 1-2 hours depending on your body weight and style of riding. You can purchase an extra battery which charges in just 2 hours so that you can keep foiling all day!

It takes just 2 minutes to change the battery. Maintenance is practically zero and we can assure you that the fun you will have on a Lift e-foil is difficult to beat with any other kind of watersport.

Where can I buy eFoil?

You can buy ibiza efoil at our specialized Yacht Watersports store, the only specialized luxury watersports shop in Ibiza, with permanent stock and immediate delivery of all the top watersports toys on the market.

Try your efoil and any other water toys in our shop before you buy.

Other toys at Yacht Watersports store

Some of the water toys for yachts we have to buy in our store are underwater scooters with which you will enjoy discovering the underwater world the beautiful waters of Ibiza & Formentera have to offer, water scooters & underwater scooters available for everyone, with different specifications & pricing.

Seabob in Ibiza

Seabob is the first high end water scooter to hit the market, our company was the first to sell Seabob in Ibiza and was at one time one of the largest distributors in the world. At present we sell the new Amazea Seajets, a new high end underwater scooter made by german engineers which has 2 jet engines and things like interchangeable battery for unlimited hours of use, GPS and more. We also stock efoil in Ibiza.


Come and visit our luxury watersports store in the Port of Santa Eulalia, just 10 minutes by car or boat from the city of Ibiza. We have private parking for cars & customer boats infant of our shop.

Jetski ibiza

Ibiza Jetski – The most popular watersport on the island!

Jetski in Ibiza is one of the watersports people are searching for when going on holiday to Ibiza. Jetskiing is a fun watersport which allows anyone to be enjoying in just a few minutes.

In Spain a license is required to operate a Jetski but with the Yacht Watersports experiences we offer everyone can go on a high end and high power jetski as users go onboard the jetski with a professional instructor.

Full power Jetski in ibiza
Our fast 300HP Jetskis with onboard music system

The Jetskis we use are the high end 300HP Sea-Doo Jetskis with onboard music system and always the latest model, so no old fashioned jetskis with us!

We are located in the beautiful port of Marina Santa Eulalia, 10 minutes from Ibiza town. Our top product is the Yacht Watersports experience, which for only 159€ you can enjoy Jetski, Seabob or Amazea underwater jets, water bikes, giant Paddlesurf, luxury designer yacht, return pickup and much more! Check our our experience:

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