Jet Ski Tours in ibiza

The only Jet Ski company with direct access floating docks

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If you are thinking of booking a Jet Ski on your next holiday in Ibiza, we recommend you check carefully all details of what you are booking. 100% of the clients we receive during the summer all say the same thing when they have experienced the service we provide.. “What a big difference it was to go Jetskiing with you guys than any of the other companies we have been with on our previous holidays..”

Jet-skiing done right

Clients enjoying one of our Jetski tours

At Yacht Watersports Ibiza we have achieved a system for Jet-Skiing which makes a big difference to the overall client experience. Making a Jet-Ski tour with us or with any other Jetski company is like comparing a 2 star hotel with a 5 star, and surprisingly our prices are lower than anyone elses!

Thanks to the system we have implemented, we are much more efficient and can offer a service like no other at a lower price! We have our own Jet-Ski workshop, new Jetskis every season, qualified instructors that work with us all year round, etc..

Foto of our Jet Ski workshop where all our Jetskis are serviced weekly

GPS system

We are the only Jetski on the island to implement a GPS tracking system that ensures 100% clients safety. Jet-skis are not able to go closer than 40 meters to each other.. If they do, the speed reduces to 3 Kn. Clients will also be slowed down if they get too close to land or any islands or rocks.

Our location

At our location, clients will enjoy private parking, a dedicated area inside the CBBC Marina Santa Eulalia beach club with direct access,. Clients are greeted by one of our hostesses and taken to our front line ocean view terrace seating area where clients have lockers to store belongings, dressing rooms with hot showers, food & drink service by the CBBC Marina Santa Eulalia beach club, waterfront rain shower, etc..

Jet Ski center access

View of our Jetski center floating docks & terrace

Our Jet-skis are on a convenient floating platform in front of our seating area and directly on the entrance of the port, so clients go out and come back from tours safely and without losing time. Other companies take clients out on a Dinghy and have to board Jetskis dangerously in the middle of the ocean with moving waves, boats, etc.. and have no facilities for clients..

Dolphin Jet ski Tours

Dolphins during one of our Dolphin Jet-Ski Tours

Since we spotted Dolphins in 2020 at a bay only accesible by sea, Dolphins recognize the sound of our Jet-Skis and come to meet us During our 9am Tours. This is a once in a lifetime experience!

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