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HoverBoard by ZR

After the success of the FlyBoard, it’s invertor Franky Zapata has invented this incredible toy.

This board is similar to a snowboard but it is propulsed by one water jet facing backwards at a 45 degree angle. The feeling of HoverBoarding is best described as “Snowboarding in 3 dimensions on the water”.
It’s very easy to HoverBoard and 99% of the people that try it are flying in less than 5 minutes. The board is controlled totally by the person riding it, putting weight on the back foot makes you go higher and putting the weight on the front foot makes you go down. To turn to the left or right you just have tu put your weight on your toes or heels. It’s infinitely easyer than any other board sport like wakeboard or waterskiing.
Adrenaline is assured for all ages.

Details of activity

Recommended age : 10-40 years

Requirements : To be able to swim and not to be overweight

Included equipment : HoverBoard and life vest

Equipment you will need: Swimming trunks and towel

Price: First hour 300€ + VAT, from the second hour onwards 250€ + VAT

Duration: 1 hour

Details: The first hour includes fee for us to go anywhere in Ibiza or Formentera. In the hour you book you will be able to enjoy FlyBoard, HoverBoard, JetPack, Towables, Waterski and wakeboard.

Nivel de dificultad : 2/10


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